The Birdcage

I have chosen to make light of my situation.  I mean, media treats situations like mine as comedy.  Examples:  The Birdcage, Will and Grace, Modern Family.  There are more.  You laugh when you watch these.  I laugh when I watch these.  So why cry at my own life?

I’m not crying anymore.  I’m done.  It’s life.  It’s fun.  It’s real.  No one is dressed like June Cleaver and standing in the kitchen all day trying not to make the sponge cake fall while talking to the ladies on the phone too loudly about the fall bazzar.

Recently I’ve outed Jay to several of my friends and family. Their reaction always contains something like, “I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this.” Well yeah – it’s been hard at times. But in reality I have a good life. I married a man when I was still a child (19) who made the ultimate sacrifice – his own happiness- to provide for me and care for me. To give me children when he would have been OK without having children. To build what appeared to be a perfect life with me. For all of this I am truly grateful.

My life is good. My kids have a good father. I have a great relationship with Jay and don’t see that ever changing. I have a man who loves me and desires me who wants to be a part of my “modern family” and a step-father to my children. He wants to keep Jay in our lives and he’s very accepting of the situation. I love his children and look forward to getting to be a part of their lives.

So although I’m anxious about the future (I don’t like the unknown) I am confident that this new family that’s forming will be a happy one.



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3 responses to “The Birdcage

  1. Z

    You are a very wonderful woman and you deserve the best.
    I wish your dreams come true and I know you are paying a very high price for those dreams.
    Have a great Christmas

  2. Rob

    How wonderful. Please, keep outing him. It gives you so much more validation. (Sarcasm intentionally added)

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