100 things about me

I got this idea from that cutie, Brian over at In Repair.

1. I was born in 1975.

2. I have one sibling – a younger brother.

3. I miss my grandma a lot. I spent a lot of time with her as a child and she died several years ago.

4. I’m a yellow dog democrat.

5.  I hate it when people assume I’m a republican simply because of the state I live in and the fact that I go to church.

6. I’m afraid if I put too many things about myself here I will be identified.

7. I love chocolate cake in a bowl with canned peaches.

8. I never eat chocolate cake in a bowl with canned peaches.

9. I started drinking when I found out my husband is gay.

10. I do not drink too much.

11. I have never in my life been drunk.

12. I’m allergic to cats but I like them very much.

13. I’m afraid of horses.

14. My favorite band is Green Day and has been for about 14 years.

15. I have never seen Green Day in concert.

16. I do not know how to use an Ipod.

17. I used to have an eating disorder.

18. I don’t like being alone that much.

19. I have spoken in tongues when I was growing up in a pentecostal church.

20. I am a methodist now. We do not speak in tongues.

21. My best female friend is a year older than my own mother.

22. I wish I could tell her that my husband is gay.

23. I like cornbread salad very much. My husband calls this a “trailer park” food.

24. My mom’s side of the family is very country. My grandma grew up on a farm and knew how to butcher hogs, chickens, milk cows, and make use of all of the parts of these dead animals.

25. I love Bill Clinton. I have a crush on him.

26. I have one tattoo.

27. I have each ear pierced 3 times.

28. I never wear all of these piercings.

29. I pierced the third holes myself in high school.

30. I love coffee but have only been drinking it for about as long as I’ve known my husband is gay.

31. I like to bake.

32. My favorite color is pink.

33. I like thunderstorms.

34. I love snow.

35. I don’t think I’m a very good mom.

36. I’ve never smoked a cigarette.

37. For a brief period of time in college I was called “Funyun” like the chip.

38. I’m not going to tell you why I wore that nickname.

39. I like to travel.

40. I’m not afraid of the doctor or shots.

41. I hate going to the dentist.

42. I make great fried chicken.

43. I hate my birthday.

44. I’m afraid of spiders.

45. I like to garden.

46. I love this blog.

47. I have another blog on wordpress.

48. I like to color with my kids’ crayons and color books.

49. I love to grocery shop.

50. I collect recipes.

51. I’ve had my tonsils out.

52. And gall bladder.

53. And appendix.

54. I’m disappointed with myself.

55. I was a first chair violin player once in my life.

56. I think writing down 100 things about myself is harder than I realized.

57. I could come up with 30 more things if I weren’t afraid of being discovered.

58. I have a college degree but I do not use it.

59. I never slept well through the night until I married Jay.

60. I would love to go back to school to finish my Master’s.

61. I like grape bubble gum.

62. I never felt close to my dad growing up.

63. I love Cherry Coke.

64. I love sweet tea.

65. I love pot luck dinners.

66. I’m nearly legally blind without contacts or glasses.

67. Clutter annoys me.

68. I’ve always dreamed of writing a book (now I have some material don’t I?)

69. I wish I could play tennis.

70. I find it hard to relax.

71. When Jay came out to me, I changed. This is hard to explain so I may write about it on my blog.

72. I like those surgery-shows.

73. I like board games.

74. I’ve always wanted to smoke pot at least once.

75. My college professors always complemented my writing abilities.

76. One of my jobs as a grad student was taking care of lab rats.

77. Another job I had in college was working in the government documents department of the library.

78. I like ink pens of different types and colors.

79. I find my husband sexy in a shirt and tie.

80. I love the smell of beer on his breath.

81. My favorite restaurant is Mimi’s Cafe.

82. I love getting flowers.

83. I don’t swim very well.

84. I get suspicious easily.

85. I have to keep my toenails painted.

86. I hate math.

87. I know very little about geography. It’s embarrassing.

88. I used to play strip poker.

89. I like candy – things kids would eat like taffy, sweet tarts, gummy bears, tootsie rolls, etc.

90. I have to fall asleep with something in my hand.

91. I really like Harry Potter.

92. I won’t wear sleeve-less shirts.

93. I like dressing up.

94. One of my “rules” is no street clothes in the bed (only pajamas).

95. I like sleeping naked (but don’t when the kids are here).

96. I hate Wal Mart and will only shop there if I have no choice.

97. I would like to learn martial arts.

98. I’m not crazy about Mickey Mouse.

99. My least favorite class in college was accounting.

100. I can still fit into my wedding dress.


6 responses to “100 things about me

  1. what is your other blog? I think you should sign up for that martial art class now. I know you will like it and learn a lot about yourself…you and only you. Number 101 on the list should be that you don’t give yourself enough credit.

  2. Oh, by the way, I’m a die hard republican. See we aren’t all bad;)

  3. quinacridone

    Hi Thanks for the comment on my blog, ave just read yours and it is great….

  4. may i post 100 things about me too in my own blog?

    that will be fun.

    anyway, your life…… is interesting.

  5. @ gpriadi – you should. It’s a nice way to let people know you.

  6. Eric

    Interesting list. Lots of comments in my head, but I won’t say them out loud… 🙂 You sound like a normal human being… don’t beat yourself up.

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